Acanthicoides Metcalf, 1952

Synonyms (and unplaced invalid names)
Acanthicus Laporte, 1832
Selected references
Laporte 1832b
Metcalf 1952a
Deitz 1975a
Dietrich and Deitz 1991a
McKamey 1998a
The genus Acanthicoides is known only from nymphal specimens with a pronotal form characteristic of members of the tribe Aconophorini. Acanthicus stolii Laporte, 1832, is the type species of the genus Acanthicus Laporte (a junior homonym), replaced by Acanthicoides Metcalf. The lectotype of Acanthicus stolii is a late instar nymph, bearing an anterodorsally projecting pronotal horn with an apical pair of laterally directed processes. This T-shaped pronotal horn is characteristic of many aconophorine immatures. Nevertheless, the lectotype has not been associated with the nymphs of any known species within the tribe, and the identity of Acanthicoides thus remains uncertain (Deitrich and Deitz 1991a).
Neotropical region: Brazil.
Late instar nymph with pronotum bearing anterodorsally projecting horn with apical pair of long, laterally directed processes.
Prepared by
Lewis L. Deitz, 18 August 2011.