Braxtonota Dietrich, 2008

Selected references
Dietrich 2008a
The Neotropical genus Braxtonota is provisionally placed within the centrotine tribe Monobelini (Dietrich 2008a). Unlike some members of this tribe, B. enigmata, the only known species of the genus, lacks extra cucullate setae at the apex of the metathoracic femora.
Taxon images
1.Braxtonota enigmata
Neotropical region: West Indies: Puerto Rico.
Diagnostic characters
Frontoclypeus, in profile, not projecting ventrad; pronotum with pair of lateral carinae extending posterolaterad from midline, suprahumeral horns absent, posterior process not concealing scutellum laterally; metathoracic femur without extra cucullate setae apically; second valvulae broad near midlength and tapering apically, without large teeth.
Taxonomic constituents
Prepared by
Lewis L. Deitz, Matthew S. Wallace, and Mark J. Rothschild, 5 September 2011.