Oxyrhachini Distant, 1908

Synonyms (and unplaced invalid names)
Xiphistini Goding, 1930
Selected references
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The Old World tribe Oxyrhachini includes only the speciose, morphologically distinct genus Oxyrhachis.
Taxon images
1.Oxyrhachis pandata
2. Oxyrhachis sine...
Afrotropical, Palearctic, and Indomalayan regions.
Diagnostic characters
Head with vertex bearing large foliate lobes. Pronotum with or without suprahumeral horns; posterior process straight at base, appressed against and entirely concealing scutellum, significantly extending past m-cu3 crossvein in forewing. Forewing with vein Cu1 abutting clavus (not marginal vein), with m-cu1 and m-cu2 crossveins in at least one wing. Tibiae foliaceous; mesothoracic tibial rows I and III, and sometimes row II, without cucullate setae. Pro- and mesosterna with distinct tooth-like processes. Abdomen with paired dorsal swellings, these larger in posterior segments.
Chromosome numbers
Male 2n = 21.
Taxonomic constituents
Prepared by
Matthew S. Wallace, Lewis L. Deitz, and Mark J. Rothschild, 2 November 2014.