Bubalopa Stål, 1869

Selected references
Stål 1869c
McKamey 1998a
Flórez-V. and Evangelista 2021a
Flórez-V. and Evangelista ( 2021a) revised the genus Bubalopa and its three species (including one new species _B. iguaque), all endemic to the Northern Andes of Colombia and Venezuela. Along with detailed descriptions and illustrations, their revision provides two useful identification keys (one to the five genera of Hyphinoini; one to the species of Bubalopa).
Taxon history
Flórez-V. and Evangelista ( 2021a) reviewed the history of the genus Bubalopa and its frequent confusion with genus Eualthe.
Taxon images
1.Bubalopa furcata
Neotropical region: endemic to the Northern Andes of Colombia and Venezuela (Flórez-V. and Evangelista 2021a)
Flórez-V. and Evangelista (2021a).provided the first illustrations and descriptions of the immatures,
Host plants
Reported only from Fabaceae: Senna (Flórez-V. and Evangelista 2021a).
Prepared by
Lewis L. Deitz and Mark J. Rothschild, 20 October 2022.