Selected Links 

Treehoppers [C.H. Dietrich].

Australian Faunal Directory: references on Membracoidea [sensu lato].

Interactive Key to Tribes of New World Membracidae [C.H. Dietrich].

Clowns of the Insect World: Treehoppers [Duane Flynn].

Anointing Behaviors and Malpighian Tubule Products in Membracidae [R.A. Rakitov].

Phylogeny and Systematics of Centrotinae [M.S. Wallace dissertation: differs slightly from published version].

DrMetcalf: a resource on cicadas, leafhoppers, planthoppers, spittlebugs, and treehoppers [L.L.Deitz (team leader)].

Thorn Bug Umbonia crassicornis [F.W. Mead].

Membracoidea of the World Database [Stuart McKamey].

ASCU's Identification Keys and Checklists for the Leafhoppers, Planthoppers and Their Relatives occurring in Australia and Neighbouring Areas [M.J. Fletcher, with M.-C. Larivière].

Updated 23 June 2011. Potentially useful sites may have been omitted because reviewers noted significant misidentifications or other concerns.