Treehoppers Featured in "Ranger Rick"
The current issue of the National Wildlife Federation’s magazine "Ranger Rick" features a popular article by Gerry Bishop entitled "Treehoppers." Created to inspire children to appreciate wildlife, "Ranger Rick" published a similar article by Kathleen Walsh some 30 years ago (1988). May treehoppers and Ranger Rick inspire us all to remain young at heart and enjoy the wonders of nature!

Bishop, G. 2018a. Treehoppers. Ranger Rick (National Wildlife Federation) 53(1): 14-19. [available online: Dec 2018/Jan 2019 issue] This popular article on treehoppers is illustrated with photos by Javier Aznar González de Rueda.

Walsh, K. 1988a. Treehoppers. Ranger Rick (National Wildlife Federation) 22(5): 2-8. This earlier popular article on treehoppers features photos of various genera by Kjell B. Sandved and Edward S. Ross.

First Report of Entylia carinata on the Root Crop “Yacon”
Flynn, D.; Elliott, T. F.; Stanley, A. 2018a. New host record for Entylia carinata (Forster) (Hemiptera: Membracidae). Insecta Mundi 0664: 1-4. [available online]

Nymphs and adults of E. carinata are reported feeding on Smallanthus sonchifolius in Gaston County, North Carolina. Also known as yacon or Peruvian ground apple, this Andean root crop is now grown and marketed on a small scale in the United States. The paper also includes a list of prior host records for E. carinata.

Treehopper Postdoctoral Position Available
Cersa Fisher advises us that a postdoctoral position will begin in January 2019 (date negotiable) for an NSF-funded project at the University of Connecticut on the evolution of the treehopper pronotum. Link to full announcement.

The 1927 and 1965 Treehopper Catalogues and Related Resources Online
Taxonomic catalogues of the world’s treehoppers include a series of three printed works: Funkhouser 1927f (coverage through at least 1923); Metcalf and Wade 1956a section 1; section 2 (first supplement: coverage through 1955); and McKamey 1998a (second supplement, coverage through at least 1994).

The first two works together cover the literature on treehoppers through 1955 and are now available online (see highlighting) through the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL). Users should be aware that for some taxa both works must be consulted for full coverage, the second work being a supplement. The scope of the third work, McKamey 1998a, is more narrowly focused on taxonomy than its two predecessors. It remains under copyright and is not online (but see other online resources, below).

Expanded literature citations for the publications on treehoppers listed in the 1965 catalogue are available by searching the database of "DrMetcalf: a Resource on Cicadas, Leafhoppers, Planthoppers, Spittlebugs, and Treehoppers." Many older publications are available online through the BHL.

For more recent information on treehopper taxa, we refer users to two online resources: Dmitriev’s "World Auchenorrhyncha Database": (Aetalionidae; Melizoderidae; Membracidae) and McKamey’s "Membracoidea of the World Database."

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