More Neotropical Treehoppers from High Altitudes including Andinodarnis, a New Genus.
Flórez-V, C.; Evangelista, O. 2022a. Andinodarnis gen. nov., a new treehopper genus from the Andes (Hemiptera: Membracidae: Darninae). Zootaxa 5200(1): 37–50. [In English with Spanish abstract]

The new genus Andinodarnis (tribe Darnini) of the Central and Northern Andes includes two species: A. pectoralis (Stål, 1869), n. comb. (= Tomogonia pectoralis Stål, 1869, Fig. 1, the type-species) and A. atromeris, n. sp. (Figs. 2-5). Further data are needed to determine their true host plants: the type-species, from Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, was found on Piperaceae (Piper) and Solanaceae, while the new species, from Colombia, was found on Asteraceae (Erato vulcanica) and Acanthaceae. The publication includes keys, diagnoses, descriptions, and illustrations for identification, with notes on life history and distribution maps.

Figs. 1-5.AndinodarnisFlórez-V and Evangelista: 1, A. pectoralis, live, in situ, lateral. 2-5, A. atromeris: 2 , live, in situ, lateral; 3-5 preserved: 3, anterolateral, 4, lateral; 5, dorsal; 6, anterior. Images © Copyright 2022, by Camilo Flórez-Valencia.

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Lapèze, J. 2022b. Un nouveau membracide infeode aux forêts de nuages: Cymbomorpha nebulosilvensis n. sp. (Hemiptera; Auchenorrhyncha; Membracidae). [A new treehoppers (sic) affiliated to cloud forest: Cymbomorpha nebulosilvensis n. sp. (Hemiptera; Auchenorrhyncha; Membracidae).] Faunitaxys, AFCFF (Association française de Cartographie de la Faune et de la Flore) 10 (51):1-6. [Available online; in French with English abstract]

[The new treehopper (tribe Cymbomorphini) described in this work is known only from high cloud forests (between 600 and 800 meters above sea level) in French Guiana. Adult males and females were found on Inga sp.]

New Treehoppers from the High Altitudes of the Andes
Flórez-V, C.; Evangelista, O. 2021a. A revision of the treehopper genus Bubalopa Stål illuminates the systematics of Hyphinoini (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Membracidae). Zootaxa 5052(4): 529-551.

[Endemic to the Northern Andes of Colombia and Venezuela, the genus Bubalopa and its three species (including B. iguaque, n. sp.) are illustrated and described in detail with identification keys and distribution maps. This publication includes a revised diagnosis of the tribe Hyphinoini, with a key to its five genera, and the first description of the nymphs of Hyphinoe obliqua and B. furcata. Hyphinoe punctorum) (recently included in Bubalopa) is placed as a junior synonym of Eualthe punctum.]

Flórez-V, C. 2022a. A new genus and a new species of treehopper (Hemiptera: Membracidae) from the páramo of Tatamá in Colombia. Zootaxa 5195(2): 143–154.

[The new genus Oropedium and its type species O. tatamaense, n. sp., from Colombia, are described and illustrated (see Figs. 1-3, below). The publication provides an illustrated key to the five tribes of the subfamily Membracinae as well as this new genus, which is of uncertain placement (incertae sedis) within Membracinae.]

Figs. 1-3. Oropedium tatamaense Flórez-V. 2022, recently described from Colombia: 1, male anterior; 2, live male in situ; 3, male, anterolateral aspect. Images © 2022, by Camilo Flórez-Valencia.

Nomenclature Changes in the tribe Membracini
McKamey, S. H. 2022a. Notes on the New World treehopper genera Membracis Fabricius, Enchenopa Amyot and Serville, and closely related taxa (Hemiptera: Membracidae: Membracinae). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 124(1): 85-97.

Based on morphological features of adults and immatures, McKamey reviews and updates taxonomic research on the treehopper tribes Membracini (notably the genera Enchenopa, Enchophyllum, Folicarina, Leoscyta, Membracis, and Phyllotropis) and Talipedini. Nomenclatural acts in his publication include new combinations (3 species), reinstated combinations (2 species), a species reinstated as valid, and 3 species placed as “Membracini incertae sedis.” The 24 figures include the first published photographs of the nymphs of Folicarina and Phyllotropis as well as Germar’s holotype of Enchenopa monoceros.

Notes on Philya ferruginosa, an Arizona Treehopper
Wheeler, A. G.; Flynn, D. J.; Vitanza-Hedman, S.; Abela, A. J. 2022a. Philya ferruginosa (Goding) (Hemiptera: Membracidae): first host-plant record and description of the fifth instar of a seldom-collected treehopper. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 124(1): 164-173.

This publication presents new information on P. ferruginosa (Membracinae: Hypsoprorini), including: (1) its first host record (New Mexico locust: Robinia neomexicana, family Fabaceae), (2) its distribution within Arizona, (3) a description of its fifth instar nymphs, and (4) morphological features and photographs to distinguish its adults from those of P. californensis (known from California) and P. lowryi (known from south-central Mexico).

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