New Collaborator in French Guiana
The Treehoppers Team welcomes Jérémie Lapèze (Société Entomologique Antilles Guyane, Montjoly, French Guiana) as a new collaborator. Jérémie, who has a Master’s level internship in "Tropical Biology and Ecology," is sharing images from his research on the treehoppers of French Guiana. Shown below are species of Cymbomorpha (image 1), Bolbonota (2), Anchistrotus (3), and Membracis (4). To zoom in on these images, see our corresponding taxon page for each genus. We are most grateful to Jérémie and all other collaborators who contribute to the Treehoppers database and resources.

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© Copyright 2018, Jérémie Lapèze.

Host Shifts and Evolutionary Plasticity in the Enchenopa binotata Complex
Hsu, Y.-H.; Cocroft, R. B.; Synder, R. L.; Lin, C.-P. 2018a. You stay, but I hop: host shifting near and far co-dominated the evolution of Enchenopa treehoppers. Ecology and Evolution 2018: 1-13. [available online]

The authors compared reconstructions of the evolutionary history of the E. binotata complex, a group of phytophagous treehoppers with high host fidelity, to the phylogeny of their host plants. The objective was to determine if patterns of Enchenopa evolution closely tracked host plant phylogeny or if speciation to novel, more distantly related host plants was likewise common. The findings suggested that members of the complex primarily shifted between distant and intermediately related host plants regardless of host phylogeny. Moreover, this complex includes treehoppers that feed on hosts belonging to at least eight different plant orders.

Neoproterpia, Replacement Name for Proterpia, and Other Nomenclatural Changes
Dmitriev, D. A.; Deitz, L. L. 2017a. Nomenclatural changes in the family Membracidae (Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Membracoidea). Zootaxa 4365(1):94–98. [available online]

The authors provide replacement names for a preoccupied genus name and three preoccupied species names, along with other nomenclatural changes.

Zoom in on Germar's Collection: Updated Link
Zoomable digital images of the Ernst Friedrich Germar Collection are available online thanks to the curators of the Benedict Dybowski Zoological Museum (Lviv National University, Ukraine). For a number of years, this historically significant collection was thought to have been destroyed in World War II. A revised link to this collection is provided here and on our 4 March 2012 news item on Germar's Collection.

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