Celebrating Treehoppers for 30 Years
This year’s Annual Treehopper Gathering marked the group’s 30th Anniversary (Figs. 1-4). All except two of the group’s meetings were held in Little Orleans, Maryland, at the former Little Orleans Campground, recently renamed the Ridge Rider Campground. The first aggregation (brood 1993), was held near the University of Delaware, and the 28th aggregation (brood 2020), was held virtually by way of Zoom Video Conferencing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Treehoppers’ Archive of Past News documents the gatherings beginning in 2010, including the 20th Anniversary (see posting of 2012-06-11, which includes a photo of the first gathering in Delaware).

Fig. 1. 2022 Group Photo (left to right): Back (standing): Solomon Hendrix., Charles Bartlett, Anthony Deczynski, Stuart McKamey, Lewis Deitz, Dawn Flynn, Wil Winter, Kelley Tilmon, Matthew Wallace, Jason Owens, Lawrence Barringer, Mark Rothschild, Claire Ciafré; Front (kneeling): Nate Nazdrowicz, Ashley Kennedy, Anthony Gonzon; (Ashley’s friendly dogs lying down): Shaggydog and Delphine. Image © 2022, by Nate Nazdrowicz.


Fig. 2. Our limited edition, 30th Anniversary Treehopper Aggregation T-shirt, designed by Kelley Tilmon, incorporates an image of a female of Cladonota foliata on Sabicea sp. in French Guyana (© Frank Deschandol & Philippe Sabine; rights acquired from Biosphoto). Image © 2022, by Kelley Tilmon.


Figs. 3-4. Various attendees relaxing (3) and feasting (4) in the Ridge Rider Campground (formerly Little Orleans Campground). Images © 2022, by Dawn Flynn.

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Immatures of the Treehopper Tribe Quadrinareini
McKamey, S. H.; Wallner, A. M. 2022a. The immatures of the tribe Quadrinareini Deitz (Hemiptera: Membracidae: Smiliinae). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 123(4): 802-807.

The fifth instar nymphs of Quadrinarea, the only genus in the tribe Quadrinareini, are described and illustrated for the first time. They differ from other fifth instar treehopper nymphs in entirely lacking scoli or other dorsal or lateral protuberances; also their first metathoracic tarsomere is longer than the second metathoracic tarsomere. Although Quadrinarea was previously thought to be endemic to Jamaica (two species), McKamey and Wallner extend the distribution of the type species, Q. u-flava, to include Dominica and questionably Guyana.

Celebrate the 30th Annual Treehopper Enthusiasts Aggregation
The 2022 Treehopper Gathering is arranged for 3-5 June 2022 at the Ridge Rider Campground (formerly Little Orleans Campground), Little Orleans, Maryland. Join us to celebrate our 30th gathering of treehopper enthusiasts (the Membrasketeers) on the beautiful 222-acre Ridge Rider campground, located in the Upper Potomac River valley of western Maryland.

To reserve a campsite with our group or to obtain further information, contact Charles Bartlett. Because of the ongoing pandemic, we strongly recommend that all attendees be fully vaccinated and boosted.

Participants are expected to provide their own tents, food, and camping gear, and to share in the cost of the group campground registration and Saturday’s group meal. Bring your collecting vials, insect nets, unidentified specimens, cameras, bathing suits, a folding chair, and your favorite t-shirts.

Cladonota (Cladonota) cryani Flynn, a New Treehopper Species from Bolivia
Flynn, D. J. 2022a. A new species of Cladonota (Stål) (Hemiptera: Membracidae: Membracinae: Hypsoprorini) treehopper from Bolivia. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 123(4): 741-744.

The description of Cladonota (Cladonota) cryani, new species, from Bolivia, brings the number of species in the genus to 59. This species (Fig. 1) is named in honor of treehopper specialist Jason R. Cryan. The work also includes color photos of three other Cladonota species--C. (C.) lydieae, C. (Lecythifera) crucifixa, and C. (Falculifera) rex--described since the publication of Flynn’s (2018-2020) 4-part review of the genus and its subgenera.

Figure 1. Cladonota (Cladonota) cryani Flynn 2022, male holotype. Image © 2007, by D. J. Flynn.

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