Funkhouser’s 1951 “Homoptera Fam. Membracidae.” Genera Insectorum, Fascicle 208
With great pleasure, we provide a Biodiversity Heritage Library link to “Funkhouser 1951a,” William D. Funkhouser’s final and most comprehensive contribution (of many) on treehoppers. Although the classification and nomenclature are out-of-date for many taxa, this remains a valuable reference. Funkhouser’s Plates 1-27 precede fascicle 209 on Diptera by E. Séguy in this online copy.

Celebrating 1 May 1885: Z. P. Metcalf’s Birth
Below we feature a clever plaque presented to Dr. Zeno Payne Metcalf on his 65th birthday by the “Membracids” (friends, faculty, students, and family at NC State University). Among the distinguished signatories is Virginia Wade, who assisted in compiling Metcalf’s invaluable catalogue of the Auchenorrhyncha. Although Metcalf died on 5 January 1956, his legend lives on as documented on the NCSU Libraries’ Website "DrMetcalf: a Resource on Cicadas, Leafhoppers, Planthoppers, Spittlebugs, and Treehoppers." We thank Micou M. Browne (Metcalf’s grandson) for sharing this long forgotten historical plaque with all who treasure treehoppers and Metcalf’s remarkable contributions.

© Copyright 1950, by the Membracids. Facsimile by Matthew A. Bertone.

New Tex-Mex Treehopper Celebrates M. S. Wallace and Selena
Music lovers and entomologists are abuzz with news of Selenacentrus wallacei, new treehopper genus and species, recently described from Texas and northern Mexico by Brendan O. Morris and Christopher H. Dietrich (2016, "Hidden in plain sight: a remarkable new genus of Nearctic treehoppers (Hemiptera: Membracidae)," Annals of the Entomological Society of America [advance access published 29 March 2016; DOI:]. The new genus name honors Selena Quintanilla, beloved Queen of Tenjano [or Tex-Mex] music. The species name honors esteemed treehopper specialist Matthew S. Wallace. Additional work is needed to clarify the phylogenetic position of this new membracid relative to other taxa within the subfamily Centrotinae. The treehopper feeds on a few members of the plant family Fabaceae (Prosopis, Pithecellobium, and Acacia).

1 2 3 4
© 2016, by Brendan O. Morris. Selenacentrus wallacei Morris and Dietrich. 1-2, female; 3-4 male.

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24th Annual Treehopper Aggregation: 3-5 June 2016, Little Orleans, Maryland
Join the 2016 Treehopper Gathering, set for 3 to 5 June (arrive Friday, depart Sunday), at the Little Orleans Campground, Little Orleans, Maryland. Nicknamed “treehopper camp” by some, this casual event provides a pleasant opportunity to meet and collect with others passionate about treehoppers and related insects in scenic western Maryland. Participants are expected to provide their own tents, food, and camping gear, and to share in the cost of the group campground registration and the group meal provided on Saturday evening.

To reserve a campsite with our group or to obtain further information, contact Charles Bartlett. Advanced registration with Charles is essential to assure that you have a campsite.

Bring your collecting vials, insect nets, unidentified specimens, cameras, and bathing suits!

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