2024 Update to Flynn’s 2012 Checklist of Treehoppers of Panama
Flynn, D. J. 2024a. Updated checklist of treehoppers of Panama (Hemiptera: Membracidae) with plant associations. Zootaxa 5415(1):1–55. [].

[This publication increases the number of treehopper taxa known for Panama to 100 genera, 313 species, and 2 subspecies. The paper provides the known province distribution data for each species and an extensive bibliography (more than 250 references) listing many published checklists and keys for identifying Nearctic and Neotropical treehoppers. Plant taxa associated with Panama treehoppers are listed by plant family and species indicating which treehopper taxa are associated with each plant. Flynn’s (2012a) checklist included 97 treehopper genera, 269 species, and 2 subspecies.

Treehoppers in Dominican Amber
When McKamey’s (1998a) “Catalogue of the Membracoidea” was published, all fossils previously described as treehoppers had been moved to other groups, however, a number of undescribed membracids were known from Dominican amber. A brief update on these fossil treehoppers follows.

Bechly, G. 2022a. Treehopper nymph in Dominican amber and the miracle of mimicry. Evolution News & Science 5 August 2022 [Paleontology: Fossil Friday; Available online.]

[This popular article from 2022 includes the first photo of the exuvia of an undescribed membracid nymph embedded in Dominican amber. Its looks “well-preserved” for being between 15 and 20 million years old!]

Boderau, M.; Nel, A. 2024a. The second treehopper species in Miocene Dominican amber (Hemiptera: Membracidae), Annales de la Société Entomologique de France (N.S.); paged 1-5 (online version)]

[This publication describes the adult female of Stylocentrus pouilloni, a new treehopper belonging to the tribe Stegaspidini from mid-Miocene Dominican amber].

Wang, H.; Zhang, X.; Shih, C.; Dong, R.: Yao, Y. 2020a. A new species of Membracidae (Hemiptera: Cicadomorpha: Membracoidea) from Dominican amber. Historical Biology [online version" (published 6 Aug 2020; paged 1-5)]; print version Historical Biology 33(10); 2491-2495 (dated 2021).

[This work included the original description of the adult male of Stylocentrus hui, the first membracid described from Dominican amber. See archive of past news: item dated 2020-09-29.]

Five More "Must-See" 3D Membracidae
Once again we are pleased to share terrific new interactive 3D models of treehoppers created by Milan Kozánek (CEO, VirNat, Bratislava, Slovakia). A collaborator of the Treehoppers Partnership since 2016, Milan previously shared images of Thuris, Ecuadorian stamps based on his treehopper photos, and most recently 3D models of three treehoppers from the Philippines (see archives of past news: dated 2016-02-16, 2016-02-18, 2016-03-03, and 2023-02-09).

Milan's latest 3D models (links below) are based on treehopper specimens from Peru (all identified by Stuart H. McKamey), As soon as a model has loaded, you can zoom and manipulate the treehopper using your computer mouse.

Enjoy viewing these hoppers from the perspective of a tiny mite, all thanks to the artistry and ingenuity of Milan Kozánek.

1. Cladonota apicalis, 3D model Copyright © 2024, by Milan Kozánek.

2. Ennya chrysura, 3D model Copyright © 2024, by Milan Kozánek.
3. Cladonota amazonica, 3D model Copyright © 2024, by Milan Kozánek.

4. Membracis sp., 3D model Copyright © 2024, by Milan Kozánek.

5. Nassunia sp., 3D model Copyright © 2024, by Milan Kozánek.

Review of Obligate Mutualistic Symbionts in Treehoppers (2024)
Brentassi, M.E.; de la Fuente, D. 2024a. Obligate mutualistic heritable symbiosis in sap-feeding insects: an intricate relationship in nature. Symbiosis (2024): [27 pages (not numbered in online version):]

[This publication provides an extensive review of ancient and more recently derived symbiotic systems in the suborder Auchenorrhyncha, including treehoppers. A summary diagram illustrates the diversity of these endosymbionts mapped on a phylogeny of selected Auchenorrhyncha. That diagram includes four genera of Membracidae: Centrotus, Entylia, Gargara, and Stictocephala. The review’s list of references is a useful resource in itself, as it includes 192 papers. Among the more recent works cited that treat endosymbionts in treehoppers (including families Aetalionidae, Melizoderidae, and Membracidae) are: Cao and Dietrich 2022a; Kobiałka, Michalik, Świerczewski, and Szklarzewicz 2020a; Mao, Yang, Poff, and Bennett 2017a; Moran, Tran, and Gerardo 2005a; Salazar, Pupo, and Brown (2021a), and Szklarzewicz, Świerczewski, Stroiński, and Michalik 2020a.]

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