New Research on the Majestic Treehopper Subfamily Heteronotinae
Evangelitsa, O.; Sakakibara, A. M.; Cryan, J. R.; Urban, J. M. 2017a. A phylogeny of the treehopper subfamily Heteronotinae reveals convergent pronotal traits (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Membracidae). Systematic Entomology 42: 410-428.

This work includes a phylogenetic reconstruction of relationships within the Heteronotinae based on DNA nucleotide sequence data from 5 nuclear and 2 mitochondrial genes for an extensive sampling of 9 of 10 genera currently placed in this subfamily. Furthermore, mapping selected morphological traits of the pronotum on the resulting phylogeny suggested repeated acquisitions of similar traits. Many of these pronotal traits apparently arose independently within the genus Heteronotus. Overall, the data support the monophyly of the subfamily (excluding Darnoides) and five of its included genera, but also suggest the existence of new undescribed genera as well a species complex with Heteronotus delineatus. At the species level, one new combination is proposed and one original combination is reinstated.

World Hemiptera Day, 21 April
Thierry Bourgoin, Chair of the International Auchenorrhyncha Society, reminds us that World Hemiptera Day, 21 April, is a great time to promote the 15th International Auchenorrhyncha Congress (IAC) and the 10th International Workshop on Leafhoppers and Planthoppers of Economic Importance, 9-15 July 2017, in Mendes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil--the first IAC in South America.

On 21 April, join our colleagues worldwide in celebrating the rich diversity in hemipteran forms, biologies, behaviors, ecologies, and interactions with human society. We are especially pleased that the World Hemiptera Day logo, created by Jacek Szwedo, features a handsome treehopper.

© 2016, Jacek Szwedo, CC license: by_nc_sa_3_0.

Celebrate the 25th Annual Treehopper Aggregation: 1-4 June 2017, Little Orleans, Maryland
Join us for the 2017 Treehopper Gathering set for 1 June to 4 June (arrive Thursday, depart Sunday), at the Little Orleans Campground, Little Orleans, Maryland. We note that by popular demand, an extra day is added to this year’s aggregation. Located in scenic western Maryland, this event offers a relaxed, casual setting to meet and collect with others passionate about treehoppers and other insects.

Participants are expected to provide their own tents, food, and camping gear, and to share in the cost of the group campground registration and the group meal provided on Saturday evening.

To reserve a campsite with our group or to obtain further information, contact Charles Bartlett. Advanced registration with Charles is essential to assure that you have a campsite.

Bring your collecting and camping gear, camera, unidentified treehopper specimens, and a bathing suit!

Evidence from Treehoppers (Hemiptera: Membracidae) of Climate Change?
Disclaimer. The "Officially Approved” abstract, below, is reproduced precisely as received from an "undisclosed source." We are unable to confirm or deny the data and results reported therein. Thus, any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this abstract are strictly those of its unknown author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of this Website or any person (living or deceased) or any known institution or agency. Readers are free to draw their own conclusions based on the evidence, however, the proposed date of release (1 April 2017) is somewhat suspicious.

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