Higher Taxa of Treehoppers 


To access the lower level ranks (valid genera and species), one may use the Search box (above) or browse Genera. For a list of genera included within a given tribe, see its “Taxonomic constituents” near the bottom of the Taxon Page for that tribe, but note that a few “unplaced” genera are listed under a family or subfamily.

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This page provides access to our Taxon Pages for the higher groups (families, subfamilies, and tribes) in the taxonomic hierarchy of treehoppers. These higher groups include the three families (Aetalionidae, Melizoderidae, and Membracidae) and their subordinate subfamilies and tribes. In zoological nomenclature, scientific names of families end in the suffix “-idae;” subfamilies end in “-inae;” and tribes end in “-ini.” All higher groups include one or more genera, and each genus in turn includes one or more species.

The Browse option, below, lists all higher families, subfamilies, and tribes currently recognized as valid in the nomenclatural classification of our database.

Browse Valid Higher Groups (Families, Subfamilies, and Tribes)

Aetalionidae Spinola, 1850
Aetalioninae Spinola, 1850
Aetalionini Spinola, 1850
Darthulini Metcalf, 1939
Biturritiinae Metcalf, 1951
Biturritiini Metcalf, 1951
Melizoderidae Deitz and Dietrich, 1993
Melizoderinae Deitz and Dietrich, 1993
Melizoderini Deitz and Dietrich, 1993
Membracidae Rafinesque, 1815
Centronodinae Deitz, 1975
Centronodini Deitz, 1975
Centrotinae Amyot and Serville, 1843
Beaufortianini Wallace and Deitz, 2004
Boccharini Wallace and Deitz, 2004
Boocerini Goding, 1892
Centrocharesini Goding, 1931
Centrodontini Deitz, 1975
Centrotini Amyot and Serville, 1843
Centrotypini Haupt, 1929
Choucentrini Yuan, in Yuan and Chou, 1988
Ebhuloidesini Goding, 1931
Gargarini Distant, 1908
Hypsaucheniini Distant, 1908
Leptobelini Yuan, in Yuan and Chou, 2002
Leptocentrini Distant, 1908
Lobocentrini Wallace and Deitz, 2004
Maarbarini Wallace and Deitz, 2004
Micreunini Distant, 1908
Monobelini Wallace and Deitz, 2004
Nessorhinini Deitz, 1975
Oxyrhachini Distant, 1908
Pieltainellini Wallace and Deitz, 2004
Platycentrini Haupt, 1929
Terentiini Haupt, 1929
Xiphopoeini Capener, 1966
Darninae Amyot and Serville, 1843
Cymbomorphini Haupt, 1929
Darnini Amyot and Serville, 1843
Hemikypthini Goding, 1929
Hyphinoini Haupt, 1929
Procyrtini Deitz, 1975
Endoiastinae Deitz and Dietrich, 1993
Endoiastini Deitz and Dietrich, 1993
Heteronotinae Goding, 1926
Heteronotini Goding, 1926
Membracinae Rafinesque, 1815
Aconophorini Goding, 1892
Hoplophorionini Goding, 1926
Hypsoprorini Haupt, 1929
Membracini Rafinesque, 1815
Talipedini Deitz, 1975
Nicomiinae Haupt, 1929
Nicomiini Haupt, 1929
Smiliinae Stål, 1866
Acutalini Fowler, 1895
Amastrini Goding, 1926
Ceresini Goding, 1892
Micrutalini Haupt, 1929
Polyglyptini Goding, 1892
Quadrinareini Deitz, 1975
Smiliini Stål, 1866
Telamonini Goding, 1892
Thuridini Deitz, 1975
Tragopini Stål, 1866
Stegaspidinae Haupt, 1929
Microcentrini Deitz, 1975
Stegaspidini Haupt, 1929