Centrocharesini Goding, 1931

Selected references
Goding 1931a
Funkhouser 1951a
Metcalf and Wade 1965a
McKamey 1998a
Yuan and Chou 2002a
Wallace and Deitz 2004a
Taxon images
1.Centrochares horrifica
Indomalayan region.
Diagnostic characters
Head with frontoclypeal margins distinctly converging ventrally. Pronotum with numerous spines; suprahumeral horns present; posterior proces angled dorsally at base not appressed against scutellum, significantly extending beyond m-cu3. Forewing vein R4+5 confluent with vein M1+2 (distad of M fork); vein R1 represented by distinct pterostigma. Hind wing with veins R4+5 and M1+2 fused preapically (4 apical cells present). Abdomen with sternal transverse carina and paired dorsal swellings.
Chromosome numbers
Taxonomic constituents
Prepared by
Matthew S. Wallace, Lewis L. Deitz, and Mark J. Rothschild, 16 April 2011.